RoadTest: Keysight U1461A Insulation Resistance Testing Multimeter


This weekend, I’ve been busy as a bee finalizing this review of the Keysight U1461A Insulation Resistance Testing Multimeter. This was, yet another, RoadTest item generously awarded to me by Keysight Technologies and element14.


Electronics field technicians need affordable, robust, reliable and accurate test equipment. Furthermore, they need flexibility. The Keysight unit combines the best of a field service multimeter and an insulation resistance testing unit into the one hand-held unit, which is pretty much weatherproof and drop proof. Along with this is an included full complement of accessories, including computer and mobile connectivity solutions which allow you to log data remotely, and generate test reports in the field.

Insulation testing is a big area for the reasons of being able to predict and repair failures before they become costly, and for safety reasons, and this unit is very flexible in this regard having stepped/ramp trip test features and configurable test voltage “to the volt.”

This is all presented to the user with a lovely, bright, and responsive matrix OLED display with wide viewing angle.


A lot of effort went into this one – there’s much more than meets the eye. So why not head on over to …

element14 Communities to read the RoadTest Review!

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