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Warning: Don’t store Blu-ray discs in Sleeves & Heat Gun Revival Technique

Towards the end of last year, I posted a warning about not stacking Blu-ray blanks in sleeves, after being devastated at losing a good number of “fresh” blank TDK BD-R DL discs I paid a good amount for. It seemed … Continue reading

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Genuinely Confused: Another Samsung Galaxy SIII Battery (EB-L1G6LLU)

Around a year ago, I needed a replacement battery for my Samsung Galaxy SIII, which started a long series of posts encountering fake batteries. This provoked some responses, and a lot of interest, given the quality of the fake cells. … Continue reading

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Salvage, Teardown: MR16 Downlight Transformers & Luminaire

While I did salvage the lights in the last part, that was not all! There were also downlight transformers and luminaires to be salvaged too. Using a similar strategy to the last, I decided to salvage one of each sort … Continue reading

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