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Trip to HK & CN 2014 – Part 3: Hong Kong Free-to-Air DTMB Analysis

What does somebody do when they’re in a room and want to relax for a bit? They watch television, of course! Having lived the majority of my life in Australia, it also provides the double-benefit of allowing me to soak … Continue reading

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Teardown: Unbranded Digital LCD Satellite Finder

In a previous posting, I explored two different styles of satellite finders, as part of attempts to repair those units. I did mention that I had a third type of unit, based on a digital LCD display. For completeness, I … Continue reading

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Opinion: Secure Digital – A Valuable but Frustrating Flash Card Format

Given how many devices nowadays rely on Secure Digital (SD) memory cards, it’s not expected that I could say anything bad about them right? Well, as valuable as the format is, there are some frustrations with it, which I will … Continue reading

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Power Bank Endurance Test – Hillo Power Jin Gangxia (Part 5)

In this ongoing experiment which started back in late September here, I’ve been diligently putting a powerbank through controlled charge-discharge cycling while measuring the effective capacity based on a methodology I developed to measure the real capacity of power banks. … Continue reading

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Opinion: We say goodbye to ElevatorAdjuster @ Youtube

As an engineer, it’s a bit embarrassing to admit that I do have some unconventional choices when it comes to entertainment. One of the things I love to watch are educational videos and tours of elevators, because they involve electrical … Continue reading

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