Random: Happy 2nd Anniversary to goughlui.com

In late December, I warned that the site might get a little bit quiet. That wasn’t an empty threat, as for the past month, there really hasn’t been anything new on here. Here’s a little update as to what has been going on in the interim, which will go to explain as to why it’s been so quiet.

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Yesterday (25th January 2015) marked the 2nd anniversary of my website at goughlui.com. Despite the recent quietness, visitorship remains strong, with the total views slated to tip the 600,000 view count by the end of the week.

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Even more interesting is that despite the quietness, the site’s popularity ranking continues its upward trajectory, eclipsing the 300,000 rank. It feels like I have really achieved something with all of my time spent running the site.

Here’s to many more years, hopefully successful!

Return from Overseas Trip

Through the period from 27th December to 18th January, I was overseas in Hong Kong and China. It was a very busy period, where I took the opportunity to meet with my relatives on the way to the Elsevier/IWA 3rd Water Research Conference at Kylin Villa in Shenzhen where I was slated to present some of my research.

Unfortunately, the problems with my left ankle continued to affect me throughout the trip, and as a result, despite taking copious amounts of drugs and suffering through numerous side effects, my enjoyment was severely restricted.

Thankfully, I was accompanied by a family friend who was willing and able to help me around in a wheelchair to try and improve the condition of the ankle prior to the conference and make the most of my chance to enjoy myself. As a result, I did spend over half my days in my hotel room, but it was not entirely unproductive (as you will come to see, if time permits). More posts about the holiday are forthcoming!

My trip was also made a success only because of the unending help from my relatives in Hong Kong who were very accommodating and helped arrange and pay for private transfers between hotels, and across the border, to avoid issues with luggage and walking.

This picture below was taken just after registration, in my hotel room, the day before my presentation.


The next day, I was very fortunate to be able to walk again, despite a little pain. This eased the burden of arranging assistance, to which the conference staff were very unclear about. I only found out there were three steps to the elevated stage with no handrail merely two hours prior to the session beginning.

In the end, it was a very successful appearance, where I presented a presentation titled  “Understanding Solar Disinfection using Action Spectra and Solar Irradiance Modelling” (shortened from “Toward a Better Understanding of Solar Disinfection using Action Spectra and Solar Modelling“). I was also very honoured to meet A/Prof. Kumiko Oguma of Tokyo University who has been doing research in UV LED applications, and had a quick chat about the technology with her. It’s very fascinating to talk with others who do research in a similar area.


To say that an overseas holiday is relaxing is definitely one way of looking at it. Another is to see it as an exercise in packing and unpacking, which has definitely consumed much of my time over the past week. Being a technology nerd, I have to deal with the physical unpacking as well as the digital unpacking – i.e. downloading, collecting and backing up all your “well earned” holiday data (photos, etc). Needless to say, as a bit of a data person, I’ve managed to collect data-sets which many people might not have considered doing so when on holiday. It weighed in at just 55Gb short of a full 2Tb hard drive.

The physical unpacking is also a drain, and it definitely doesn’t help when your ankle is busted and you’ve got the flu from all the changes in climate. The feeling of fatigue doesn’t really inspire you to do much, but you know if you leave it lying there, it will never be cleaned up!

Regardless, I went in for an MRI on the ankle to find the news rather sobering – a large capsular multilocular ganglion cyst with a grade II sprain injury. Treatment awaits meeting with a rheumatology specialist.


It’s been a solid two years of being around, with the number of views vastly exceeding my expectations. It’s also been a good learning experience for myself, and hopefully for the readers.

If only you knew just how many things I’d have liked to put up, but haven’t had the time or energy to do so – I just hope I can get it out there one day.

In the near future, expect to see some more holiday related postings using the special red watermark with a scattering of technology related postings when I get around to them. Then … maybe a bit more quiet time again … who knows …

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