Visited: Floriade 2014

This week, I had the opportunity to go on a short day road-trip to Canberra, and on the way, we stopped off at the Big Merino. After that, I spent some time admiring the month-long Floriade display, in its final week. It’s normally best to visit Floriade in the earlier weeks, as the freshly produced floral displays tend to be better presented. Visiting later risks seeing the flowers at the end of their run, although crowds seem to be drastically reduced.

This post is mainly going to be a photo-gallery style posting, as there’s really not much commentary to go with it. I did spend quite a lot of time trying to chase some bees and insects, but being late in the day made it rather challenging. I know my photographic composition is probably, a one-out-of-ten at best with boring framing, but I do love the colours and textures of the flowers. Enjoy.

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One Response to Visited: Floriade 2014

  1. Miro says:

    A “small wasp” looks like hoverfly to me 🙂
    It has no sting, safe to touch.
    Beautiful pictures, as always.

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