Site Update: CloudFlare Active

Well, I guess it was a long time coming. Despite having initial reservations about running CloudFlare, it seems that I have little choice but to do it to help improve load times and reduce loading on my already ailing web host, Ziphosting.

Recent checks of the site have seen load speeds of no less than 3 seconds to first byte and 6 seconds to get the whole HTML page before then loading resources. Most sites are well and truly done within 1 second. At peak times, roughly twice a day, this spikes to over 10 seconds which is completely unacceptable. Even I get frustrated visiting my own website. How ironic.

As a result, I’ve now gone with the CloudFlare free plan, turned on a moderate amount of optimization and lets see how well that works. Its distributed CDN nature should improve speeds for non-Australian visitors (as Ziphosting uses NetRegistry’s hosting platform in Sydney). Hopefully there won’t be any strange behaviour or anything – but if you do spot something, do let me know.

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2 Responses to Site Update: CloudFlare Active

  1. Mitch says:

    A long way from running on a RPi 😛

    • lui_gough says:

      Heya Mitch!

      Yes indeed! What started as a little bit of fun at home is now a bigger behemoth than I could have imagined. When we’re pushing 1,200 views+ a day with ~175Gb/month of bandwidth, it’s starting to get out of even “home” serving territory … and that’s if I had a chance to get the NBN which I unfortunately don’t. But playing with the Pi definitely did me some good, and probably will continue to if I had more time.

      Thanks for the comment though – it verifies that commenting isn’t bungled up by CloudFlare, which is nice. Still getting periodic 500/503’s from an overloaded MySQL server at Ziphosting’s end. Wonder if I will have the time to migrate to a better host sometime in December … or whether I’ll just be lazy and give it one more year.

      – Gough

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