Teardown: Energizer A23 12v “Car Alarm Remote” Battery

Last week, one of the batteries in a car alarm remote key fob needed replacing, so I managed to get the old expired battery before it hit the bin. I thought I’d take it apart and document it, having done it before in the past. If you’ve ever taken apart a 9v cell and found 6xAAAA cells inside – you’ll like this.

It’s an Energizer A23 12v battery, quite common amongst older car security remotes.

DSC_9152 DSC_9153

The seam at the back is very easy to pry open – all you need is a half-decent flat-bladed screwdriver and it just peels away to reveal …


A stack of button cells! And some cardboard paper to insulate it from the metal shell.


No gooey mess inside, just button cells, end plates, and a springy piece of metal to apply pressure to the stack and ensure good contact.


And in case you wondered just what size the button cells are, they’re the same size as this other cell in my collection, marked LR932.


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