Aldi Mobile: Ain’t no data for you this morning!

I woke this morning to find my AldiMobile data wasn’t functioning. A quick reboot, toggle of the flight mode on and off, and check/change of APN didn’t help either. I checked my credit – it was still there, ready to be used, but I couldn’t get any data connection. I was pretty sure it wasn’t my fault. It was working fine just yesterday.

There was nothing on the AldiMobile website at 7:15am this morning when I discovered it wasn’t working (literally, after I woke up). I made a post on Facebook, but nobody seemed to reply at all. I was forced to revert to my second backup service, based on Optus, which functioned “correctly”.

After reaching my destination (the uni at 10:00am), Aldi had finally updated their website with this message:


Now, I have no idea how this happened, nor who is responsible, but I’d like to wager my conspiracy theory side would say that this may be some form of sabotage. After all, one way to accelerate the decline of an MVNO is to make it unreliable. It definitely doesn’t please me since this is the second last day of my “monthly” plan – it puts my “plan” to use my allowance out of whack!

But maybe this will just change my mind and make me decide to leave just that little bit sooner. All those commuters who like to rely on their 3G in the mornings are definitely not off to a good start today …

Update: I noticed at 12.35pm, the message changed to this. Things are on the mend, it seems.


Update: 5:16pm, I noticed the new banner claiming the outage has been resolved.


No official reason has been given as the cause of the outage. If I had to guess at this moment, it could be due to a programming error in regards to the change of acceptable-use-policy which means that the 400Mb/day limit would no longer apply. This could have inadvertently suspended everyone’s service, but this is only a wild guess. It could have easily been a failure in a network link or router, or authentication system.

Update: On the 20th, the message was updated and a link to the carrier was provided that provided more information provides no more information.



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