Yay! A surprise package from element14!

It’s a Monday. It’s almost universally known that nothing good happens on a Monday. Even though I’ve been “grounded” by my ankle and its stubborn refusal to heal and not much work for my PhD has been done, I still have the dread of Monday.

element14 Envelope

The mail was collected, and rather unusually, there was something for me from element14. It looked a little bit worse for wear – Australia Post has a bit of a habit of scrunching things up.

I remember, a few weeks back, I had registered to receive element14’s monthly product magazine, Connect. I didn’t think it’d be more than that. Then, I opened it …

element14 Note Front

element14 Handwritten Note

What a lovely surprise – a handwritten note from Joyee Cheung – Marketing Co-ordinator of element14 Australia and New Zealand. It’s a pleasure to see in this time and age, that people still make the effort to write a hand-written note! It’s this kind of attention to customers that element14 does so well!

In fact, I was approached last year about having one of my former RoadTest articles published in the Connect magazine to which I very happily accepted. I had figured, as part of the RoadTest which they sponsored and provided the product, that they deserve to be able to do anything with the content that I had generated through reviewing it. I had forgotten all about it over the new year!

element14 Gift Card Rear

element14 Gift Card

They’ve been very generous to offer this – I’ll definitely enjoy placing an order with this. It will go towards much needed parts to keep my little disorganized home-lab going! You never know when simple things like oscilloscope leads make all the difference whether you get a project done comfortably, or spend forever trying to improvise! Thanks very much element14, especially Joyee – you’ve definitely made my day!

Due to the publication schedule, it was to be published in the February 2014 edition (which they also sent me, which isn’t online yet at this moment) …

element14 Connect Issue 12

… and it’s on Page 6. Quite intriguing – I thought it would be near the back!

PiFace Digital Review Page

I won’t spoil the rest of the magazine for you – it’s not online yet (but it should be soon) – there’s bound to be a lot of interesting specials for the electronically minded.


I think it’s clear – element14 is awesome! Formerly known as Farnell, it’s a wonderful place to buy any sort of electronic component, test equpment, tools for your projects, or just parts for repairs. Even oddball things like lithium thionyl chloride batteries for old 386’s – they’ve got them! All you have to do is search.

You don’t have to be a big business to buy from them – they’ll happily ship any order above AU$45 and under 20kg for free, or you could always rock up to their trade counter in person (like I do) and buy on the spot. Stock is always clear on the webpage, and most things arrive overnight if locally stocked, or within the week if stocked at their other warehouses around the world. It’s the level of dependability and reliability that sets element14 apart from some of their other peers (trust me, I’ve used them too!).

Just today, I was contacted by them asking whether I had received my magazine yet, and about setting up a student account – with special discounts on offer too. They pay attention to each and every customer, big or small, and you’re never left waiting. My experiences with them have always been top notch. If you’re a student (like myself), you might want to consider signing up to receive the Connect magazine – there’s always promotions and specials on offer.

I think the biggest thing that sets element14 apart from their peers is that it is more than just a component supply store. They also have many community areas which bring together engineers, students and hobbyists to help each other with their problems and connect them with experts. There are dedicated areas for Eagle CAD, Raspberry Pi, Testing and Measurement just to name a few, with webinars and blog posts where you might learn a thing or two from the pro’s. Even if you don’t come to shop – it’s a great place to learn and find knowledge.

For those a little more adventurous, there’s the RoadTest program which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed partaking in, which allows you to test and keep new, exciting products in return for publishing a thorough review on their site. If you can write well, like testing things, and have the time to do it, it’s something you should probably look into. It has been a very enriching experience to have been part of this, and element14 have been extremely generous with me – feel free to check out my prior RoadTests:

I have many reasons to thank element14 – and I’m sure you will too next time you’re looking for a very specific electronic component, or just looking for some help or to learn a bit more on any general electronics topic.

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