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Review, Teardown: Sanyo Eneloop Batteries & Charger NC-MQN04A

When Sanyo introduced the Eneloop, it was a revolution in rechargeable Ni-MH batteries. Prior to the eneloop, Ni-MH batteries either had limited capacity (1600-1800mAh) and decent self discharge characteristics, or they had great capacity (2500-2700mAh) and terrible self discharge characteristics. … Continue reading

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Teardown, Recordings: 1 by One Wireless Door Chime R/X QH-0031 (Quhwa QH-09D)

This post will probably make me seem like a crazy nutter, but oh well. I cannot deny the fact that I can do some very strange things from time to time. I needed a wireless doorbell to alert me to … Continue reading

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Quick Review, Teardown: Efergy Elite Classic 2.0

For those who have read my last teardown of the Efergy HM01 Energy Monitor, they would have noted my discovery that it was not compatible with EfergyRPI_001 decoding through rtl-sdr due to a different FSK data format. I haven’t had … Continue reading

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