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More RTL2832U Tuners: Full-Size FC0013, Mid-Size R820T

Since I got into rtl-sdr, there really hasn’t ever been enough tuners for me to play around on a given day. Now that I have a substantial tuner collection (three E4000’s, three R820T’s just for experimentation), I always feel the … Continue reading

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Teardown: Sunshine T5 S13582W 13W Ballast

Part of the whole clean-up business also means that I get rid of some of my old junk. Many years ago (2006 actually), on a holiday to Hong Kong, I purchased a set of four Sunshine branded T5 S13582W 13W … Continue reading

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Salvage and Take-Apart: Samsung DLP Lamp BP96-00826A(P)

Sunday this week was a council-mandated clean-up day. It’s a time for much illegal dumping and moving of old furniture and CRT TVs to the side of the road. It’s also a time for salvage people (myself included) to pick … Continue reading

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