Random Post: RIP Grandma, Ankle, Postal Delays, etc

RIP Grandma

This week, my mum made an emergency trip back to Hong Kong, leaving Sydney on Thursday. On Friday night, on her first visit to the hospital to see her mother, she was able to spend some time with her. Unfortunately, her condition was critical, and soon after, grandma passed away peacefully. Mum had made it just in time.

It was very sudden and unexpected, the hospital was preparing to possibly discharge her at that stage. It has been devastating to the remaining family in Hong Kong, especially grandpa. My mother has been left to console him as much as possible, while the rest of the family makes preparations for obtaining the death certificate, arranging the funeral and burial.

It’s a very private moment, and I won’t mention the details on this blog. Even though I never had the opportunity to be close to her, due to geographic distance and language barriers, I know we have lost someone very important to my mother and the rest of the relatives in Hong Kong. Now I will never have an opportunity to say anything to her. Even worse is the fact that I know how much this must hurt for my mother, having talked to her on the phone. I can feel her pain, and it hurts me too.

It’s been emotionally straining to experience, but it’s a natural part of the cycle of living – a fact we must come to accept, even though it is not easy.


Last week, random post service was interrupted by my MRI. I still haven’t received the report yet, but I have been prescribed anti-gout medication on the suspicion it is gout. The medication is colchicine, and upon taking it I immediately suffered gastric upset for a day. I felt a little hazy, and bloated.

After that, it did still have some pain in movement, it wasn’t a complete success. But it didn’t have as severe flare-ups of pain, so it may have been helpful. I was more likely to be able to hobble, instead of hop.

I’ve taken it again, despite the side effects, as the ankle had worsened slightly and I need to have mobility, even if limited, at this time.

Postal Delays

I don’t know what’s happening with Australia Post, but parcel and mail volume must be through the roof. Last week, we even got a Saturday delivery of parcels, all in the name of Christmas.

Unfortunately, most of my packages are ‘somewhere’ in the network. Stuck, maybe. Like this one (an International Pack and Track service), which made it to a facility in Sydney, but then has sat there for more than a week. Why? I contacted Australia Post about this, and I hope to find out soon!


Time to Clean

As the weather gets warmer in the southern hemisphere, it’s a good reminder to clean out your fans, heatsinks and filters to ensure your air cons, computers and electronics are all happy.

Launching Interesting Links

Through running this website, there have been many instances which have reminded me – I should put up a links section. Now that I’ve gotten around to it, it’s actually quite a long list of useful sites that I use, along with sites I want to thank for featuring my content and linking to me.

So, if you’re bored, why not take a gander through my Interesting Links and see if you find something you like?

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