Pipe Excavation – Offending Tree Root Found!

The sewage backflow event proved to be a rather troublesome issue – it’s nice that the strata has been able to get quotes and approved for Megacorp and Platinum Hot Water and Plumbing to survey and repair the pipe.

It was interesting to see that the pipe didn’t follow the direction the former plumber said it did – and the roots themselves were around 24m from the house, still in the pipe. On Friday, they managed to do excavation in my neighbouring townhouse in order to repair the pipe.


Looking for the actual roots as a bit hard as an obvious break in the pipe could not be found. The stormwater pipe was sitting right on top of the sewer pipe (left to right) and was putting pressure on it. At the point where they crossed, a bit of pipe was cut and wrapped around the sewer pipe as a sleeve. It was surmised that this section is where the root is – a few cuts were made to try and confirm.


One of the cuts went through the sleeve, which separated from the pipe body and showed roots scaling in the gap in-between.


The section of pipe was removed and replaced with a new pipe with rubber sleeves and hose clamps at each end – the root is clearly visible obscuring about one-third of the pipe area.


The tree root ingress into the sleeve can be seen from the underside – to the left in the dark, a major root enters where the gap in the sleeve is. They applied a liberal amount of blue pipe adhesive – some still visible in the photo above. It is hypothesized that the pipe was damaged on the construction of the complex – maybe due to an accident or pressure from the stormwater pipe that runs directly on top – and that this was covered up with an improperly made sleeve only to fail about 13 years later.

At least this is fixed. Hopefully this means no future dramas of this sort …

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