Kogan LED Light Globes – Unwelcome RF Noise!

Today, I fired up my Winradio G31DDC SDR for some HF action, but wait a sec – what’s that noise all over the place? That wasn’t there before!!!

Kogan LED Radio Spectrum

The above is a spectrogram (click for larger – resized to 50%) of the 0-50Mhz band. The Winradio G31DDC was connected to a Wellbrook Communications ALA-1530L broadband magnetic loop antenna situated about 5m away from the lamp.

The lamp spews out a broadband of noise left and right of about 23.8Mhz. An increase in noise floor is visible when the lamp was switched on (top quieter band is with the lamp off). This is exactly the unwelcome noise that poorly designed power converters spew out. I’ve tracked such sources from TVs, to solar powered garden lamps – but now a C-tick marked LED light globe?

What does the C-tick mean if products can get away with doing this? While HF and shortwave radio is not that popular in Australia, and ham radio is considered a rare hobby to have, I’m sure any local ham would not appreciate a whole bank of these globes being fitted by their neighbour.

I was somewhat happy about the globes for the whole of two days … now I’m regretting even trying them.

And if you think it’s a once off – all of the globes I have do this. All of them.

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