Vivid Sydney Opening Night (24th May 2013)

Yesterday was the opening night of the annual Vivid Sydney light show. Every year, areas surrounding Circular Quay are lit up by art installations which make use of the power of light to create something visually interesting. The use of light-mapped projections on buildings such as the Opera House, Museum of Contemporary Art and Customs House are year-on-year mainstays although the projected content differs. The other exhibits, however, vary every year. This gives an interesting focal point for photographers and tourists (who are often present in droves) to practice some night photography.

I suppose some might find this quite boring, given the static nature of some of the displays, and repetitive techniques being employed. To be honest, I’m beginning to tire of some of them as well – although, that being said, the quality of the displays do vary from year to year.

Instead, I like to use this installation as a chance to try something I haven’t done before, photography wise. Two years ago, I was managing long exposure single stills (some of which may still randomly display in the header). Last year, I attempted the panorama, and kept going with my stills.

This year is different – I’m taking photography into time lapse. This is my first venture into time lapse photography/videography, and I definitely tried to venture into the “hyperlapse” mode – i.e. panning around or tracking an object. Unfortunately, my pans are not that smooth and my patience was not that high, so I didn’t accrue enough shots to make it smooth and buttery. It’s a mixture of 12/24fps. But it’s not too bad … I can’t claim to be one of the greats … yet.

Today’s video was all shot from images taken yesterday. I took my Canon 400D (older 10MP, pre-video DSLR) camera since it was going to be raining, weather conditions hostile and shutter load even worse. All photos were taken in RAW, and the intervalometer was managed onboard thanks to the extended firmware 400plus. RAW shots were then processed with Adobe Lightroom to TIFF (with my own presets of course), which was then converted using ACDSee Pro to BMP, which was then thrown into Virtualdub to produce a video (adjusted framerate, resize, crop). This was all glued together and titled using Ulead Videostudio (cue the laughter and my tears as it crashes, repeatedly) and then the lossless output was coded for upload with Mediacoder.

Unfortunately, I was a bit tired, so I didn’t have a chance to explore much of Vivid, but at least I have something to show for the hours that I was there. Yes, there are a few dud frames here and there, and the ISO limitations of the camera meant shooting wide open, and focus was a bit hard in the light for such an old beast – but I did what I could. The rain proved to be a great annoyance – some of the shakes and bumps are due to the winds and the need for an umbrella to keep everything dry.

Enjoy, in HD! The music was taken from a recording of the Amiga Xenon 2 game running in WinUAE. The song itself is “supposed to be” Bomb the Bass – Megablast. Just thought I’d throw in something from my other projects, just to keep it interesting.

Epic fail: The first version that was uploaded was only at a paltry 10FPS where it should have been 24FPS. This has been now fixed …

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