Site Update: Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me!


Gee time flies – I’m now 24 … I can’t really believe it. Happy birthday to me! But then again, today will be a regular day – another day at uni.

Anyway – it’s about time for me to give a quick update on the site. Lately, Ziphosting went through a phase where the site would go down with a database error due to exceeding connection limits every hour roughly. Luckily this seems to have gotten better in recent days.

Since the site began monitoring with Google Analytics on 28th November 2012, there have been:

  • 17,428 page views
  • 11,328 visits
  • 9,325 unique visitors

Since the site transitioned to Ziphosting on 24th January 2013, WordPress Jetpack Stats have recorded:

  • 14,903 page views
  • 374 peak views per day

[Numbers approximate – to within ~40, as they were observed just prior to the end of the day]

Since then, I’ve had the chance to post a total of 193 posts covering a wide range of areas. Of course, this is just a drop in the water compared to your more popular sites, but as a personal website, it has far exceeded my initial expectations. And it looks like we’re on track to covering the hosting costs with ad revenue as well!

Unfortunately, due to the being extremely busy with things – such as my PhD, there hasn’t been the time to cover some of the stuff which I would have liked. This includes things related to radio where I have all the images for a post, but I’m still yet to write the copy for it. Unfortunately, the things related to my PhD aren’t really suitable for a personal public website – so I really have to keep it under wraps.

But what I can reveal is that I’m branching out to other things – like my Microbiology class (MICR2011) which I find fascinating. Gram stains, streak and spread plates … even just staring down a microscope is a sight to behold …

Soil Plate Medium White Colony (Likely Streptomyces)

Taken with Samsung SGSIII pointed down the microscope – and yes, I prepared that.

Anyhow, I hope to be able to blog more in the future and continue to engage with the public, especially in topics which interest the public and are rarely covered by others.

In the meantime – thanks to the few people who have left comments, or contacted me with something interesting to offer. Unfortunately, I’m not an endless source of help – I really just don’t have the time to attend to every question, and (more seriously), I’m not a source of free computer parts that you can have …

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