Kogan Mobile Quietly Introduces 400Mb/day Limit

After all the praise about Kogan Mobile as well as the annoyances of delayed SIMs, there is another reason to be wary of Kogan Mobile.


Upon checking on their webpage today – I had noticed a new, subtle change to their pricing chart – the introduction of a 400MB/day limit. Old pricing table can be seen in my prior post. While this is well within their terms as prices can change at any time, it is rather disconcerting that they have made a change, rather quietly without so much as an e-mail.

What does this mean for you?

  • Those with 6GB/month need to average 200MB/day to reach their 6Gb. This means if you don’t use mobile data to the limit for at half the days in the month, you can never take advantage of all of the data.
  • Those with 2Gb/month aren’t too much disadvantaged – as they can spend it with 5 consecutive days at the 400MB limit.
  • Large downloads are going to be troublesome – needing to be resumed on a day to day basis. Best not to rely on the Kogan Mobile as a fixed line broadband replacement.
  • If at one point you ever need more than 400MB of data in a day, you might find yourself stranded or with excess fees …
  • If you’re used to using up all your data at the end of your month, you might not be able to do it with this …

Worst of all, the Access30 and Data30 plans can only be purchased once per 30 days per customer. I’m not sure if this was there before, but what happens once they are exhausted is not clear. Are we simply left without a data service? Is there any excess charges?

I think there’s a bit of a transparency issue here. Unfortunately, I have no time to chase and find out – you pretty much have to live with whatever they say … if it annoys you, then you see someone else.

It’s interesting to note that Aldi Mobile doesn’t appear to have this restriction …

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