Spotted: Another soon-to-be Opal Ready Bus

On the way to UNSW, I boarded another bus which was getting ready for the Opal readers to be installed. This one is Sydney Buses, bus number 4632 (or is it 4832, darn phone camera – can’t tell for sure as I didn’t get a thermal print due to using a myMulti ticket).

Bus Number

Nothing has been installed near the front doorway, but you can see on the rear exit, there are stainless steel blanking plates which seem to be just right for the installation of Opal readers. Interestingly, these plates suggest that the readers will face into the aisle, unlike the last spotted readers which point towards each other instead. This bus has the characteristic beige wedge shaped Datafare 2000 console.

Cable Snaking Conduit

There’s the grey painted tubing which will probably house the power and data wiring for the readers to be installed.

Two Blanked Positions

Finally, a shot facing the rear doors showing the two mounting positions, fitted with blanking plates for the time being.

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