QSL Card: Radio Vaticana

Firstly, a big thank-you to the Frequency Manager at Vatican Radio, Mr. Salvatori, for arranging to have these sent to me all the way from Italy. It is very much appreciated and treasured – and all in good time as well. We have kept in touch with continual reception reporting on DRM transmissions, and I have had much success in receiving their DRM services in Australia – where most of their AM services are poor or difficult to receive. It is also a very special time for the Vatican at the moment, as there is no Pope at present.


Wow, a nice logo on the franking machine.



Aside from the QSL card, there were also added goodies. The schedule was included – but this wasn’t just a normal schedule – this is the last paper schedule that they will distribute, which makes it extra special!

RVaticana broadcast bulletin front RVaticana broadcast bulletin rear

What was also included, and of significant value, is a pamphlet detailing the rich history of Radio Vaticana. The pamphlet commemorates 80 years of Radio Vaticana.



And that’s not all! There’s even stickers!


Many Thanks Radio Vaticana! And hope to hear you on the air, even though Australia isn’t one of your target areas!

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