Civil Engineering Building gets uniwide upgrade

Walking around last week, I saw some locations on the walls inside Civil Engineering building with holes and metal mounts installed. Today, I can tell what they are for – they’re for new Cisco access points for Uniwide access.

New APs New APs 2

The APs (level 7 suggests there are 30-or-so new APs) are all mounted in plain sight. The interesting thing is that in some locations, three or more APs are in direct line of sight. I hope that the channels and transmit power are configured in such a way to maximise throughput, otherwise the co-channel interference could become an issue. Regardless, this should make for much improved corridor coverage as well as better bandwidth capacity and roaming ability. They don’t appear to have been powered up yet, but it seems they will be PoE fed from a switch nearby.

This is all in addition to uniwide APs which are in rooms inside weatherproof boxes or hidden above in the ceiling tiles, lecterns or above projectors.

AP Weatherproof Box

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