A few interesting Hard Drives

Aside from the IBM Deathstar, and the Quantum Bigfoot which I covered earlier, I did uncover a few more interesting drives from my collection which I’d like to share.

Western Digital Expert 100BA 10Gb

This drive is interesting – if you look at it, it’s quite obvious this is not a real WD drive. In fact, it shares a lot of resemblance with the IBM Deathstar because it is just a rebadged IBM hard drive. Western Digital at the time had issues with producing high performance large capacity drives and had to resort to this.

WD Expert 100BA

WD Expert 100BA Underside

IBM Fireball lct 10Gb

In a strange twist of fate, I also have this in my collection. A look at this one makes it clear it isn’t an IBM drive, it’s in fact a Quantum drive and clearly makes that fact known on the cover and on the chips on the PCB. It also looks like it was a 15Gb drive “chopped down” to 10Gb, but why IBM chose to rebadge Quantum drives is a mystery given the drive above shows they had a 10Gb design.

IBM Fireball lct Top

IBM Fireball lct Bottom

Western Digital Raptor 36Gb WD360GD

The first of the WD Raptor series that bought us 10k RPM drives to the home users. This is now completely outclassed by everything else, but it was a shame that very few manufacturers followed WD’s lead. This particular drive was made by welding an IDE drive to a Marvell IDE to SATA bridge. A native IDE version was never released and the SATA offered no performance benefits. The only hard drive I’ve seen that’s needed heatsink fins! It was hot and some found it to be unreliable, but it wasn’t noisy. It also had flexpower which allowed you to use SATA or old fashioned 4-pin Molex connection for power.

WD Raptor WD360GD Top


Western Digital Caviar 2420

The oldest Western Digital drive in my posession, the 2420 stored 425.3Mb. Every sector is still working, dating back to 1993. The transfer rates are positively woeful at less than 3MB/s from memory. Large PCBs, CHS values on the label are all part of the package.

WD Caviar 2420

Caviar 2420 Warranty Label

Caviar 2420 PCB

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