Sydney Buses Opal Card Readers Spotted!

Just yesterday, I was travelling on a Sydney Buses service to UNSW when I spotted something different. There were these rounded rectangular boxes – two at the front and two at the rear. They are locked with a circular key lock and have no printing on them yet. They’re likely to be the Opal Card readers, ready for the trial rollout at the end of the year. The new ticketing system will utilize contactless smartcard (NFC) technology. They definitely got in early with this one – the rear readers are fed via cable that comes out of the side through new pipes just for them. Sorry for the phone pictures, but this was Bus #1145. Keep an eye out for them when you see them! They have been running trials with Ferries for a while, but since I don’t travel by ferry, I haven’t seen them there.

Opal Readers in Bus

Opal Data Cabling

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5 Responses to Sydney Buses Opal Card Readers Spotted!

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  3. Jacob Cui says:

    It’ll be a great news if the card reader is used for non-paper ticket.

  4. UWS Student says:

    I’ve spotted a few of these on Buses from Parramatta to UWS

  5. Tony Bailey says:

    These are actually mounts for the readers, not the readers themselves

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