Site Update: Redirection from taken offline

Just a quick note to say that the URL is now no longer active, and redirection has now ceased. Hopefully with the power of Google, people will be able to find their way to the new address – i.e. this one.

Also, a new page has been published – Blu-Ray Recordable Disc BCA Collection

Finally, a big thank you to all the visitors who have supported this site with their visits – your eyes make hosting this blog worthwhile. Since statistics collection began on 28th November 2012, a total of

4,377 unique visitors

have read

8,276 pages

to date. This is easily dwarfed by larger websites, but was much more than I expected.

Don’t forget to visit periodically, share with others, vote on my poll (in the side bar on the right), and leave comments! And once again, thank you all and for those who come here by search engines – I hope you found what you were looking for.

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I'm a bit of a nut for electronics, computing, photography, radio, satellite and other technical hobbies. Click for more about me!
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