VMC/VMW Australian Bureau of Meterology Radio Fax

The Australian Bureau of Meterology operates two radiofax stations – VMC and VMW. VMC broadcasts from Charleville, QLD, and VMW broadcasts from Wiluna, WA. These stations broadcast nearly around the clock with 1kW transmission power.

The frequencies, technical information and schedule can be found in the links. Of course, those interested are welcome to give our signals a bit of DX attention – after all, we are somewhat remote, and 1kW isn’t very much power for a radiofax station. I’ve found the frequencies of VMC to be much quieter than those of VMW (some of which land near or in broadcast band).

Here, we’ll provide samples of virtually all broadcast faxes from BoM so that you can “experience” the weatherfax service and also use to identify your faxes in the case of weak DX. The files are named with the date, and time in hhmmss as local time (EDT which is UTC+11).

But first – a few oddball faxes.

Scheduled Chart Not Available 20130202_062155

A classic for when the chart isn’t available. This one can be seen almost regularly as some products don’t get aired.

Unscheduled Test Chart 20130201_164125

An unscheduled test chart only broadcast on 11090khz.

Missing 20130202_131406

Now this one is new, but the Bureau has great experience in making Australia disappear – in a newspaper in the past, the eps file for Australia went missing too.

Special Notices 20130201_225632

And this is the Information Notice. It’s very blank.

Now the regular ones:

SH 500hPa Prognosis +48h 20130201_214340 SH MSLP Analysis 20130201_235614 SH MSLP Prognosis +48h 20130201_215808 South Pacific Ocean Total Waves +48h 20130202_002633 Voice Broadcast Information 20130201_142632 Wind Swell Height 20130201_190946 Wind Wave Height 20130201_185633 500 hPa +24h Prognosis 20130201_151103 500hPa Analysis 20130201_141005 Asian MSLP Analysis 20130201_175431 Casey Eastern and Western High Seas +24h 20130201_212638 Casey Eastern and Western High Seas +36h 20130201_231132 Gradient Level Wind A 20130202_051800 Gradient Level Wind B 20130202_054056  Indian Ocean Total Waves +48h 20130202_004129 MSLP Analysis 20130201_135508 Recommended Frequencies VMW 20130201_124114 Recommended Frequencies VMC 20130201_123024

Indian Ocean Temps 20130202_011040 Pacific Ocean Temps 20130202_005537 MSLP Prognosis 20130201_131411 MSLP Day 3 and 4 20130201_205600 MSLP Day 1 and 2 20130201_202629

Schedule P1 20130202_112536 Schedule P2 20130201_234035

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