HLL2 Seoul Korea Radio Fax

A new station for me – unfortunately, I can’t seem to find who is responsible for broadcasting this station, otherwise I’d try to claim a QSL from them too.

This station broadcasts on centre frequencies:

  • 3585 kHz
  • 5857.5 kHz
  • 7433.5 kHz
  • 9165 kHz
  • 13570 kHz

All are at 3kW. Frequencies I’ve heard some signal on are bolded.

All the faxes below were received on 9165khz.

Ending 2146EDT (UTC+11) on 30th Jan 2013


Ending 2201EDT (UTC+11) on 30th Jan 2013


Ending 2210EDT (UTC+11) on 30th Jan 2013


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