KVM70 – 9982.5khz Great Propagation

Oh my, what a difference a few days makes. So I tune in to one of my old-reliable stations – KVM70. Formerly, messy, terribly doppler spread affected station with moderate SNRs – tonight it’s coming through better than usual on 9982.5khz centre frequency (30th January 2013 at 1252UTC). Interestingly, when the station goes down inbetween faxes, there’s quite a lot of background interference from broadcast AM stations, but when the station is on, it mostly overpowers them. So back to receiving faxes …

Partial fax, started around 1252UTC.


Starting 1300UTC – black line was due to me adjusting the filters.


Starting 1320UTC.


Starting 1340UTC


As it can be seen, the favourable propagation was only for a short time, then it almost reverted back to poor propagation as per normal.

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