NMG NOAA New Orleans Radio Fax

Now this is what you call DX – we’re receiving transmissions from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA! Sure, the quality can’t be expected to be good, but they’re “apparently” transmitting with 4kW – the same amount of power as Hawaii, but making it a lot further.

Listed center frequencies are (with the ones I’ve heard action on, but not necessarily best for decoding in bold):

  • 4317.9khz at 4kW
  • 8503.9khz at 4kW
  • 12789.9khz at 4kW
  • 17146.4khz at 4kW

So I was a little late to grab the start of this one, thus missing out on the characteristic NOAA black stripe which runs 80% of the way across at the top. The lettering and features look similar to that of the Hawaii fax. Interestingly, the shift is a little smaller than 800hz as well, similar to Hawaii. If it’s from the same organization, I guess one can expect to see the same sort of setup on their equipment. There is no prior tuning tone, dark sync pip and no solid colour after the end tone. (Note EDT = UTC+11, Date given is UTC date)

28th January 2013 – NMG 12789.9khz – Begin: ~1205UTC (2309 EDT) –  End: 1218UTC (2318EDT)


28th January 2013 – NMG 12789.9khz – Begin: 1220UTC (2320 EDT) –  End: 1233UTC (2333EDT)


The signal was quite weak so I didn’t bother sitting on the frequency for too long – but hey, the presence of the signal is evident which is the first step. Now that I know it’s there, next time I’m out somewhere far from the city – I’ll try to receive it even better.

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