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Hello guys visiting this page. Believe it or not, this page is being served from a lone Raspberry Pi (overclocked to 950mhz) with a 32Gb Patriot LX Class 10 SD Card running Raspbian Wheezy, connected to a TPG ADSL2+ home-grade connection. It might not be fast, but it’s running WordPress in all it’s glory.

At the moment, it’s providing VNC (x11vnc), FTP (pureftpd), SSH (OpenSSH), HTTP (Apache2), PHP 5 (along with phpmyadmin), MySQL, SAMBA. I’m also intending to get some OpenVPN action happening – just a matter of getting the configurations set up. Quite a bit of a workload for a Raspberry Pi, but I’m willing to tolerate a bit of slowness.

So far, most of the services are not exposed to the public (and that’s probably a good thing), mostly for my own fun.

It took a while to get myself up and running. I ordered my first Raspberry Pi via RS Components, which took 17 weeks to deliver. Little did I know, that one proved to be faulty, with a high-resistance Polyfuse F3, causing excessive voltage drop. Running the Pi caused the voltage to drop as far as to cause it to be unstable, crashing somewhat randomly, always before we could get anything useful done. Oh the excitement, gone in such a brief moment.

Luckily, I managed to go to Element14, walk in, and there was stock available and no prohibitions on selling over the counter. So now I have one working Pi!

Still, RS has not replied to the angry e-mail of mine, they’re very poor on the customer service aspect of things. Sigh. I think I may have to just bridge the polyfuse myself and accept that they won’t “make things right.”

For a comparison, see my page Raspberry Pi: element14 vs RS

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