Chao Zhou, Day 3 of 3

We made it back to Hong Kong quite  a bit earlier than expected. Before 6pm, we were already back home to grandma’s place, feeling tired as usual. This won’t be much of a pictorial post, nor will it be a long one, given that I’ve got to go to pack for tomorrow’s early 6:45am wake and fly out to Shanghai for a 6 day trip with dad,  Kuen and his wife.

So, maybe I will just try to sum up what has happened in the past 2 days of the tour. Yesterday, we went to Chao Zhou proper, visited a shop, went to a temple, went on a man-powered rickshaw, had vegetarian meal for lunch and then walked around a few stalls at the temple. After that, we went to a nature reserve of some sort, had dinner and went back to the hotel. As we elected to do the night activity, I did some shopping at Walmart and also had some meat balls and other stuff.

Today, we mainly visited a small temple, had a last meal, and endured the long bus ride back. Nothing too exciting – but value for money it definitely is!

I’ll elaborate on these points a little more when the time permits, but some observations:

– Some people here eat quite messily and leave food scraps all over the table. Others are obsessed with cleaning their bowls and cups with hot tea, and it seems a little wasteful to me. Some are very loud and relatively confident and will pick the best pieces from the table for themselves. But in general, aside from a slightly annoying guy sitting behind us who likes to chatter all the time, it was very good. The guide was friendly and knowledgeable, even though I don’t understand some of what he is saying. The tour is run by Kwan Kien.

– I cursed myself and had to use a squat toilet today. I guess it wasn’t too bad, but it will be a challenge for those who … uh, need to take their time. Toilets are quite interesting – we stopped off at a servo today and the toilet is basically just a tile-lined trough. It was filled by the time the bus left.

– The food there is always full of variety, and although dad tells me the quality is nothing special, I personally thought it was actually quite good. If anything, that is the main selling point of the tour. The hotel was quite nice too, the beds were fairly comfy.

– I wish I bought my big camera along – so in the case of the next trip, I am bringing it along but only with my favourite lens. Have to keep the weight down to make it somewhat more comfortable, otherwise, it’s a chore.

– The weather today got quite a lot colder, but still comfortable. It was even raining today. But rain seems not to be a problem for those guys, even riding scooters – they have some special poncho-like covering for themselves and they even have mittens that go around the handlebars. But even without – and I’m not kidding – people ride their scooter with one hand holding an umbrella! Just wow!

– The tour guide advised us of some antics – especially perpetuated by sellers, where handbags are selling for $1600 RMB are really only $55 RMB to produce, and they prey on your sense of guilt in bargaining – someone was quite happy to have got it for $200 RMB, but the seller still makes a tidy profit. Neat. Sort of.

– The holidays are over – so today, we met our first real experience of a traffic jam. Not great, it seems like everyone gets impatient when a jam occurs and horns are beeping all over the place with people trying to slip in here and there. Nothing too dangerous though, thankfully.

– Tissues are not a given in any toilet or even a restaurant – and even then, it seems like box tissues have given way to plastic packets of tissues instead (small ones).

Anyway, I think that’s enough from me. Time to get some shuteye for another busy few days … up till I fly home!

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3 Responses to Chao Zhou, Day 3 of 3

  1. Mum says:

    Wow, three days already over just like that… you are holding up very well my son with all the walking and rushing… poor thing, you are glutus intorelance, careful of what you ear okay. I don’t know you are flying to Shanghai with your Uncle and Auntie, that would be a nicer trip with your auntie travelling… you know what I mean. Have a good rest today and ready for Shanghai. You definetly need to bring your good camera, Shanghai Putung by day and night are specatular. The people in Shanghai are very posh, your camera will not stand out. Believe me. With love, mum xxx

  2. RM says:

    Hello Gough, good hearing about your adventures , really telling it the way it is, few people can understand until they have been there , your doing a good job putting it into words as usually people would only believe it if they see it. sounds like your getting a all round experience and sorting out the necessities quickly. Good luck with your bag packing. and continue to have a good trip. I think we can really reflect on your trip with the experiences of our travels. The blog is great , removes all the time barriers and provides a great way to keep everyone informed as to your travels. Hear from you when we do. Traveling in a small group will be so much safer than on your own , dont think you will have to worry to much. have a great time in Shanghai.

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