Packing …


Can’t wait. Flying out tomorrow (Wednesday), at 15:45 on VS201 from Sydney Kingsford Smith to Hong Kong direct. As usual, because I’ve been so busy as of late (with PhD stuff), I did most of my packing today.


*runs frantically around the house taking bits and pieces*


Laptop – check, along with chargers and USB sticks.

Camera – check, check and check, along with lenses, tripod, memory and reader.

Batteries – cheeeeeeeeck! And taping all the terminals, putting them into bags to keep the airport guys happy. And charging all of them ahead of time.

Chargers – lots of them.

Adaptors, Powerboards, and Cables – Lots.


And now comes the hard part – fitting it all inside dimension and weight limits. In the end, I had to put lots of my stuff into checked in luggage (although nothing with batteries due to rules) – and squash it all in. Checked in baggage is now 20kg. Carry on is 5.4kg as long as I’m allowed to carry my satchel (as a handbag, uncounted) – otherwise, I’ll be over the 6kg limit. Carry on bag dimension limits are ridiculous! Even a backpack, well packed, is too big!

Did the online check-in, got the boarding passes printed ahead of time – with any luck it will be smooth tomorrow but the weather might not be. There’s a weather warning for storms overnight from midnight to morning – lets hope the flight is okay.

Still have to make my emergency contact lists and luggage tags … *grumble*


As an aside, wouldn’t it be cool to know exactly where you’ve been? I think so – so I’ve built my own GPS tracker.  I’ll see if I can track my flight and other movements by GPS throughout the whole trip.


LS20031 10Hz 66 channel Mediatek GPS (this one is so sensitive it’s crazy! -165dBm tracking! No problems indoor on the bottom floor of a two storey house with the antenna pointed down to the ground!)

Arduino Mini Pro (as the main board, 5v 16Mhz model preferred for speed)

A micro SD card breakout, and a card (as the storage, FAT formatted naturally)

A 3.3v regulator, a few caps to go with it

A logic level shifter to glue it all together

A bit of programming

A li-ion USB emergency charger battery (5000mAh one allows me to track for 50hrs continuously!)

USB cable for power, diode to protect against reverse polarity

Hot glue to hold it all together


Cardboard box to put it in


The tracker is packed too – so I can’t show you what it looks like – but it’s ugly. No matter though – it does the job. With any luck, I might be able to show you guys where I’ve been and how I got there.


Anyway … I can’t wait to go … but I’m sure when I’m on the plane – I won’t be able to wait until I get off. For now, signing off – might be able to put in a post at the airport.

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    Take Care! Remember to come back in one piece!

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