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Opinion: Transport for NSW 26 Nov 2017 Timetable Changes

It’s been just over two full weeks since Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) introduced a new timetable. The changes are claimed to increase capacity, adding extra services across the network across all modes. These changes were signalled by bright … Continue reading

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Melb2016: Transport Related Observations & Signs (Part 7)

I’ve always been a fan of public transport, no matter where I go. It’s an economical way of travelling, although it’s not always convenient. I don’t mind though – I’m patient and tolerant enough. It’s always interesting to note the … Continue reading

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Visited: Transport Heritage Expo (11 – 13 June 2016)

Every year, the Transport Heritage Expo is held at Central over the Queens Birthday long weekend and this year is no exception. The event almost slipped my mind, because I’ve been way too busy, but thanks to a heads up … Continue reading

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Opal’s New Top-Up Machines and Single-Trip Tickets

Sydney’s long march to a paper-ticket-less transport network just got one step closer with the announcement on 23rd March 2016 that they are trialing new top-up machines with single-trip tickets. While this was always considered as the next step, it’s … Continue reading

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Random: Opal Card Stories, Tips & Central Station Upgrades

The Opal Card is an automatic fare collection system based around NXP MiFare DESFire EV1 NFC cards and readers supplied by Cubic Transportation Systems (based on readers on the Oyster card network). It has been in use since December 2012 … Continue reading

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Obituary: mX Newspaper (Sydney Printed Edition 4 July 2005 – 12 June 2015)

The mX was a free afternoon newspaper targeted at commuters, originating in Melbourne on 6th Feburary 2001 and spreading into Sydney on 4th July 2005 and Brisbane on 5th March 2007. Due to falling circulation, it put out its last … Continue reading

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Visited: Transport Heritage Expo (6 – 8 June 2015)

Thanks to the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, I’ve managed to scrape up some time to blog about things, and make the time to visit some interesting events around Sydney, one of which is the Transport Heritage Expo. The Transport Heritage … Continue reading

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The tarnished Opal continues to darken …

Suffice it to say, followers would have realized the difficulties I have had in getting satisfactory responses from Opal for anything less than a trivial enquiry. While the last post has seen update upon update, it’s probably time to start … Continue reading

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Visited: The South-West Rail Link (Liverpool to Leppington)

Having spent a decent chunk of my life on public transport, whenever anything happens, it immediately captures my interest. The rail network had suffered through many years of neglect, and has only been undergoing “slow” evolution – I’ve only really … Continue reading

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Nothin’ but a tarnished Opal: Problems continue …

My quest towards getting my Opal concession card working has been thwarted again. As of the last posting, I was assured by Opal Customer Care that my card had indeed been activated and was ready for travel – both over … Continue reading

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Oh No! Another Opal Card, but Opal Activation is Broken!

The Concession Opal card saga continues. In the last chapter, my card was blocked from use and a new card was to be dispatched to me, by express post. This card would have to be activated and the credit from … Continue reading

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Mega Random: Merry Christmas, Site Updates, Transport Updates etc.

Gee, it’s been ages since my last random post. Since then, countless security vulnerabilities, mobile OS updates, world news events, scientific discoveries, scandals and wild weather events have happened – so many that it seems pointless to try and even … Continue reading

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Random: Sydney Trains Rail Observations, DTRS Sites, Opal & Other Thoughts

Readers have probably noticed that it’s been awfully quiet as of late. Unfortunately, that quietness coincides with the fact that I’ve been insanely busy with my studies and will be for the foreseeable future. Whenever the time permits, and I’m … Continue reading

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Random Post: Another Sydney Trains Meltdown, TfNSW E-mail Blunder, iOS8, Opal, etc.

It’s been another busy week, but there’s really not that much variety of things to report on. The mind is still clouded with many observations and rants, so lets get them off my chest. Another Sydney Trains Meltdown It doesn’t … Continue reading

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Random: Site Update, Sydney Trains & Opal Stuff, Tech News, etc.

It’s been a rather busy week, so I think it is understandable if the random post is a little more limited in scope than usual. Site Update It seems that my content is being more and more widely discovered each … Continue reading

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Random: Full-Colour Opal Onslaught, Station Upgrades, Drive-By-Download, etc.

In this week’s edition of “random”, there isn’t as much random as I would have liked, so instead part of the regular program will be replaced with my opinions. For the most part, this week is mostly about the Opal … Continue reading

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Random Post: Transport Sydney Stuff, Webinar, AudioTechnica RMA, UNSW etc.

It’s been oddly quiet around here for a bit, but don’t think for a second that I’ve been slacking off. As blogging is a leisurely activity of mine, it means that I’ve been too busy for a variety of reasons … Continue reading

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Random: Site Update, Media Fails, TV Retune, Transport Sydney, Micro*sigh*ft, etc.

Another week, another random post! We begin this week with a quick site update – while I can’t say I have much faith in the scientific accuracy of Alexa’s ranking methods, after 13-14 months of being online at this domain … Continue reading

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/dev/random: Trains, Aus Post, Sick Seagate, and other amusing thoughts

Well, that was quick. Another week is over, and chances to blog have been slim. I’ve been keeping myself busy with my now very-involved PhD project, but in-between, I’m also doing a little spring cleaning around here. I’m just sitting … Continue reading

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Odds and Sods: More Opal and Trains, Creative Ads, Mobile Situation, etc.

I was a little busy over the weekend, so I didn’t have a chance to put together a post of some random stuff I’ve encountered. That being said, I was tied up with numerous different things which I promise, will … Continue reading

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Weekend Assortment: Situation at Home, Warratah Trains, Biking

Here’s another one of those “mixed up” post of odds and sods – Situation at Home It’s a dire situation in regards to the ADSL2+ service at home. It’s still not fixed. And it won’t be fixed until 15th July … Continue reading

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