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Dealing with Bad USB Keys

My mother recently returned home from her trip to Hong Kong with a pair of ‘novelty’ “”16Gb”” USB keys as a present. They cost about AU$12 each, which is in the ballpark of what a reputable USB memory stick would … Continue reading

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Upgrading an Icom IC-R75 with the CR-282 High Stability OCXO Unit

Prelude I’ve been a happy IC-R75 owner for a long while. It was a very affordable (sub $1000) HF communications receiver with coverage from LF to 60Mhz, with good sensitivity and FM “out of the box”. It had a two-level … Continue reading

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LCD Monitor Service/Factory Menus

I’m not sure many people know, but the chips inside LCD monitors are actually fairly smart. For one thing, they generate the on-screen overlay displays which you set your settings with, and they do scaling of different resolutions to your … Continue reading

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Refurbishing unwanted laptops

Well, just today, a good friend of mine gave me an “unwanted” laptop that had served its time. In fact, it was this one – a Dell Inspiron 640m, based on the initial Centrino Duo platform (Intel T2300E 1.66Ghz dual … Continue reading

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Tech Flashback: A 486 that wasn’t quite a 486

Been a bit busy lately, so didn’t have a chance to post any more nifty things for a bit. Hopefully I can make some time to show a few more interesting things. For this post, a follow on from my … Continue reading

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Tech Flashback: A discarded BEAST of a 486

On my last post about MS-DOS 5.0, 6.22 and Windows 3.11 Install Disks, my good friend Irfan asked: What machine are you using to run these? You still have working 5.25″ floppy disk drives?? Wow… Good question, and that will … Continue reading

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Operation Bake Raspberry Pi

Originally having given up on my Raspberry Pi from RS, a very helpful post from Dilligaf at the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Forums gave me this advice: If you’ve given up on the warranty you could always try baking it in … Continue reading

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We’ve got a Pi down … I repeat, a Pi down …

[This website served by the Raspberry Pi, purchased from element14. Stock is out at the moment 🙁 It would have been served by the Raspberry Pi from RS – if not for the problem …] Okay, so it’s been a … Continue reading

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