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Obituary: Nullsoft Winamp (21 Apr 1997 – 20 Dec 2013, 16 y.o.)

Around a month ago, the news stories already started making the rounds. I first saw it on Slashdot, proclaiming that Winamp was to be shut down on the 20th December 2013. The banner on Winamp’s website definitely said that it … Continue reading

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Salvage and Tech Flashback: Pioneer CT-W430 and Compact Cassettes

I guess today, I’m going to try and do a two-in-one post because the circumstances just so aligned. Another one of those UNSW Electrical Engineering salvage runs turned up this gem – a Pioneer CT-W430 dual cassette deck! This was … Continue reading

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Tech Flashback: Sony MiniDisc

Just this month, it was announced that Sony will make its last MiniDisc system next month, so I thought this was a good time to reminisce about MD and what it really meant … The MD was basically a small … Continue reading

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