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Review, Teardown, Reverse Eng: Generic Battery Tester

As a kid growing up in the 90’s, one fond memory I had was sorting through piles of batteries to see which ones were good and which ones needed to be discarded or recharged. With many toys and appliances using … Continue reading

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Project: Arduino Grid Mouse Clicker (and other Pokemon Go-related fun)

I started my Pokemon Go journey as a “law abiding citizen”. That was, until, someone I knew decided to tell me about this magical thing which could tell me exactly what Pokemon would spawn in front of me at any … Continue reading

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Quick Review: Arduino/Genuino 101 Board

I was lucky enough for element14 to send me a little surprise “care package” just last week. As it turned out, it contained a Genuino 101, the latest release from Arduino. This board has been slated to be the “next … Continue reading

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Reverse Eng Pt 2: Watts Clever Easy-Off w/SMART Box (ES-AUS1103)

Continuing on from my last post about the Watts Clever Easy-Off Sockets with Smart Box, there were a few things still bugging me in the back of my head. After all, they do advertise that their other system has >1 … Continue reading

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Quick Review: Freetronics LeoStick (XC4266) Arduino Compatible Board

Just this week, I was gifted a Freetronics LeoStick from a colleague at the university, so I decided to take a look at it over the weekend. This particular unit seems to be distributed by Jaycar under catalogue number XC4266 … Continue reading

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Random: Sunset, More Rail Stuff, Facebook Meltdown, Recovering an Arduino, etc.

Not that much random stuff to report on this week – I’ve been too busy with everything else, quite possibly. Lovely Sunset over Sydney On 28th July 2014, Sydney experienced the sunset that almost broke the internet. Too bad, all … Continue reading

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Review: 4D Systems Display Starter Kit (Arduino & Raspberry Pi) & Bezel

Note: This is quite a long posting, so feel free to bookmark it for future reference! It’s taken me quite a bit of effort to put together, so I hope you enjoy reading it and following along. If you’re like … Continue reading

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Reverse-Engineering & Emulating the Kogan Active-Shutter 3D TV IR Protocol

In an earlier post, I looked at the provided active-shutter 3D glasses from Kogan and aftermarket compatible glasses which can be used with their TVs. A key sticking point of that article was that different TVs often use different synchronization … Continue reading

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Teardown and Project: Clone Nikon ML-L3 IR Remote and Emulation

Users of Nikon cameras, including the D3200, have had several choices for remote triggering. The use of a wired remote is traditional, with infrared (IR) remotes being common accessories for many and Wi-Fi just becoming the latest craze. The Product … Continue reading

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Project: Arduino Clock with DVD Player LED Display

A while ago, an Aldi DVD player with a dead laser pickup landed on my desk. Not being economically worth repairing, it was to be scrapped anyhow. I found the front panel had a potted LED module – so I … Continue reading

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Quick Review: Itead Studio IBoard Pro

It’s probably not that evident from my blog that I like to play with Arduino from time to time. It’s actually my favourite prototyping platform because it’s inexpensive, and easy to get started on – despite its limited power and … Continue reading

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Setting off a Flashgun with an Arduino

So it might not be obvious why one might want to do such a thing – but it could come in useful. I have a Yongnuo YN560 “manual” flash (no TTL metering, so one had to set the flash power … Continue reading

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