Genuinely Fake Pt 4: Samsung Galaxy SIII Batteries (EB-L1G6LLA/U)

This week, I received a very interesting e-mail from an anonymous reader in Europe. The reader had been following the series of posts about well-disguised counterfeit Samsung Galaxy SIII batteries and had something to contribute.

This anonymous reader had put in a lot of effort to document the differences in both batteries and take photos of them. I thank them very much for their information.

The battery is for a Samsung Galaxy SIII phone, and although mine came with EB-L1G6LLU, this report shows a genuine EB-L1G6LLA instead, so some differences are expected.

Both batteries were sourced through European channels, with the genuine on the left and the fake on the right. The major difference is a lack of NFC functionality, as with the other fakes discovered thus far.

IMAG0813 IMAG0812

According to the anonymous contributor, here are the differences:


  • Part number: EB-L1G6LLA
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • NFC antenna visible on the label and functions properly
  • Data matrix: GH43-03702A+EB-L1G6LLA+A4
  • No date code
  • No Chinese characters
  • No Chinese logos


  • Part number: EB-L1G6LLU
  • Fake warranty: 3 months
  • No NFC antenna, however Near Field Communication is printed on the label
  • Data matrix: GH43-03699A+EB-L1G6LLU
  • Text is misaligned
  • Chinese characters at front and back
  • Chinese logos
  • Print and label is in high quality smooth finish, like the genuine one
  • The battery is swollen too, I replaced it as soon as possible. The battery is disposed properly.

From my observations it seems that the state of fakes has advanced from my prior observations, with a more-closely formatted data-matrix code compared to my EB-L1G6LLU cell, but no NFC antenna! Just compare it to mine in a previous post.

Unfortunately, as the “genuine” EB-L1G6LLA cell is not in my possession, I cannot be sure that even that is genuine, so do take this information with some care, however, we should focus on the copy EB-L1G6LLU which does seem to have some consistencies with the other well-made fakes.

He was even willing to teardown the fake battery and reveal the lack of NFC antenna inside.


The battery cell seems to be coded with BDW495060ART AB/AA0G165HLJW. The manufacturer could not be conclusively determined by a web search.


I hope these observations are of use to those looking to purchase genuine replacements – the biggest distinguishing factor is the lack of NFC functionality. When in doubt, give that a test, although some pricey clones may actually carry working NFC.

Many thanks anonymous reader!

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2 Responses to Genuinely Fake Pt 4: Samsung Galaxy SIII Batteries (EB-L1G6LLA/U)

  1. copyitright says:

    This is an interesting article. I also have a EB-L1G6LLU with chinese print but mine has a NFC antenna.

    Perhaps there are genuine EB-L1G6LLU, after all? (unless this is an even better fake than the one u’ve posted).

    Interesting read nevertheless! 😉


    (if someone is interested in some photo’s of my battery, let me know)

  2. copyitright says:

    Actually, my battery appears to be a legitimate sample.

    According to RegentElite @ XDA Developers:

    “Have just contacted online Samsung support, they told me that there’s really no difference between these and other model numbers, it’s just another production run (batch), and the batteries are actually the same.”

    Best regards,

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